Sorry, but the CP BlackHawks are quitting CPUN.  Nobody joins my army AT ALL

MR Deedledoo Fanart


Dee & Me

I Did a picture on GIMP Of MR Deedledoo And Me.  Here it is

New pet shop!


Find me on CP!

me at the cove or pool

If I am at the cove or the underground pool I will look like this

My fave server is Zipline.  If I am not on Zipline I will be on Ice Box.

I usually look like this but if I am being a BlackHawk I will use the general costume seen on the uniforms page.

my fave rooms are the town, the recycling plant, the nightclub, and my iggy which is usally open

I will very occasionally go on yukon



CPUN Member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys, I am a Club Penguin United Nations Member now!  P.S. the badge doesn’t seem to be working on my computer so please don’t declare war on me!

We need YOU!

Hi penguins, I’m Railfan1(with a capital R!) and we need YOU! for our army!(Cue Hogan’s Heroes theme!)  To find out more head to the about page or to look at your Uniform check out the Uniforms page.  The recruit server is Zipline.  to join send me a reply.